What To Expect From A Male Escort Service

In the end, male escort services are much like the female kind; you select the escort that you would like to date, and you choose the type of date and the length of time. However, the actual job of a male escort is different from what is usually expected of female escorts.

More Intimacy and Companionship

While many female escorts spend some of their professional time providing company and intimacy, such as massages and dates, the vast majority of what they do is ultimately about sex and the achievement of an orgasm for the client. In the case of male escorts and female clients, many clients are far more interested in just having a man to spend time with who listens to what they have to say and makes the client feel good about themselves.

Women clients are also more likely to only want intimate activities that do not lead to any kind of sex in the end. This can include activities like serious kissing sessions, cuddling, massages, and so on. While in many situations these activities might be considered the foreplay that leads to sex, many women only want the foreplay itself, and are willing to pay to get it without the sex. These are women who usually get aroused by one man so they can bring themselves to go home and have sex with the one they’re married to. Sad, but true.

A Commitment to Female Orgasm

Many women have sex without achieving an orgasm; up to half of all sexual encounters. However, when they are paying for the sexual services of a male escort they expect to achieve orgasm, even if it takes two hours.

This means that male escorts are far more committed to the serious foreplay that is necessary for female clients to achieve an orgasm. Male escorts are used to providing a lot of kissing which most clients find necessary to get them warmed up for orgasmic sex. Whereas a female escort can provide her client an orgasm in less than the standard hour-long appointment, most male escorts are hired for at least two hours due to the added time that it takes for most female clients to achieve an orgasm, even with a professional.

Then there is the woman who just appreciates a long sexual romp for a couple of hours, which will keep her satisfied until your next encounter, if you’re lucky.

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