Female Escort Agencies In London

Is the London escorts service starting to fall behind? I have worked in escorting for about five years now. Last year, I had a break from London escorts and worked in Australia. The Aussies seem to be really progressive when it comes to escorting, and they even run mixed agencies in major cities such as Sydney. It seems that London escorts have not caught onto that idea yet, and that is kind of sad for the service.

The thing is that Aussies are an outspoken lot. They don’t make a big deal that ladies like to date male escorts and there are a lot of male escorts around in Australia. Here in London, it can be a real struggle to find male London escorts. They are around but many of them work as independent London escorts. It would be so much better if they worked for London escorts agencies just like the girls. I think that it would give male escorts a lot more credibility and more work at the same time. At the moment, we are making too big of a deal of male escorts.

I think that male escorts in London do a great job. If they were to hook up with female London escorts, they could get a lot of experience and also an agency backup service. As it is, many male London escorts really struggle. One of the reasons for that is that male escort services in London are not promoted at all. If you are visiting lady to London, you will really struggle to find a male escort in London. Sure, there are tons of female escorts, and every web page is full of them, but how do you find a male escort.

Quality is important when it comes to escorting. Most ladies who would like to date male London escorts would like to have a quality experience, that is something that I am really sure about. Some of the independent male escorts in London do a fantastic job but it is not easy for them. I know how tough it is to get started working in the London escorts service when you are escorting as a cheap London escorts female, and I am sure that it is even tougher when you are a man. I feel sorry for many male London escorts, they have to work really hard to make a living out of escorting.

Also, what about true couples dating? Perhaps the lady would like some male company and the gent would like some female company? This is something that could be explored, and I know that it is popping up in other parts of the world. If London escorts could introduce this, I am sure that they would soon corner the market. Just like party girls is a unique London service, I am sure that many visitors to London would take to enjoying an opposite couples’ dating service. London escorts do after all have a very good name abroad, and why should we not make the most of it in as many ways as possible.

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